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It’s a baby girl!

23 ઓગસ્ટ,2013

આજકાલ ફીમેલ હેરેસમેન્ટ, રેપ, જાહેર સ્થળો પર છેડછાડ વગેરે જેવી ઘટનાઓ અવાર-નવાર થતી રહેતી હોય છે. પણ, ઘણા-બધા લોકો એમ કહેશે કે આ તો હવે સામાન્ય થઇ ગયું છે.. કેમ સામાન્ય ભાઈ ? સામાન્ય એટલે તમારા કોઈ ભાઈ, બહેન કે પછી મમ્મી સાથે આવી કોઈ ઘટના બનતી નથી ? કે પછી સામાન્ય એટલે કે તમે પણ આવા લો લેવલના વિકૃત માનસ ધરાવતા લોકોમાં સામેલ છો ? તમે એકવાર રીબ્લોગ કરેલ પોસ્ટ વાંચો. તે પોસ્ટ અંગ્રેજીમાં છે, પણ અંગ્રેજી વાંચી ન શકતા લોકો ગુગલ ટ્રાન્સલેટનો ઉપયોગ કરી શકે છે.

Nowadays the female harassment on public places, rapes and this type of sexual harassment usually happens around you. and many people treat as usual things, because its not happening with the life your wife, sister, mother or a friend ?
Do read this article I’ve found, at-least the male friend should read it who always treat girls as bad words such as “Ma-aal” , “Fatko” or whatever ? What if someone says this type of same words for your own sister or loved ones in presence of you ? Do think and read this article.

The Espresso Addict

She was 27, and at home.

She stood in front of the mirror, naked. She looked at her breasts. This was the biggest they had ever been. But she knew that they were going to get bigger. She stared at herself for a long while before she ran her right hand across the entire area of her belly, from just above her abdomen, all the way down to its lower end. It looked bloated and the bump had begun to show through her clothes now. She was five months pregnant, and had just received her scans from her gynecologist. She had dreaded this moment would come right from when she turned into a teenager. And 15 years later, she still wasn’t prepared for it.

“You are going to have a healthy and beautiful baby girl. You just have to keep eating healthy, and get good sleep and sufficient exercise, just like…

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